The Door
Art installation 2018
On Burning Man


We want to give you, as a burner, one more opportunity to let your mind flow, and exit the physical space at Burning Man. 
Let yourself float into new landscapes and scenes when The Door opens.

The door opens and closes. Every time the door opens, you will see a peacefull place. A visual footage - presented as a stunning dreaming landscape from Denmark or elsewhere in the world.
The door frame is made out of wood (240 x 123 cm), but the door is recorded on greenscreen and displayed on a screen by a small projector. The Door will open and close when new visuals is displayed as video backgrounds.

The art installation is made by Mikkel Blomsterberg and Thomas Leonardo Pedersen from Denmark, but the project is open for YOU to participate in.

If you want to participate follow 3 simple steps:
1. Record a beautiful video clip - high resolution in portrait mode (not landscape mode) Duration: 60-90 sec. Horisontal line in center of voltage.
2. E-mail footage or provide link to download to
3. Add contact info to the mail, so we can meet up at Burning Man, and enjoy the art installation